Team Paragliding Event

The Victorian Serial Series is a team-based paragliding event, it is intended to be a fun event for intermediate pilots and above. Some unique features of this event:

We've looked at the success of The Chabre Open and tried to emulate that here with some extra team focus thrown in!

Dates and Locations

The competition will be held in two rounds in different locations to give pilots experience at some of the great sites in Victoria.

Other Stuff

This is the second time we've run this event. We have kept the price extremely low to just cover our expenses, and so you can spend your money on paying retrieve drivers (and sampling the local olives, wines and beers) We suggest you form teams of 4 and pay a retrieve driver $100 per day. You each spend only $120 for a 4 day comp with the luxury of your own personal retrieve driver. (you provide the car) If you bomb out, you are allowed to refly, so your retrieve driver can also make a big difference to your result! We will supply flying maps for you and your driver, with a dedicated distance and bearing back to Launch, so retrieve drivers without a GPS will still be able to find you.